About Us

We have been involved in UK Company Registration since 1989. Of course things were vastl different then with the typical application taking between 7 – 10 days to incorporate. If you needed a company in a hurry there were two methods available to you either (1) Queue up at Companies House, Cardiff, Wales or (2) make an additional payment of approximately £100.00 to give your application priority. With a typical charge of anywhere upwards of approximately £250.00 for the standard incorporation things began to get expensive. Bear in mind also that the Company Registration was generally the preserve of the legal profession – there were simply not many independent agents in existence!

Why we’re here

We began to realise that customers could be offered an equivalent service at a greatly reduced fee. Eventually we were proved correct and, ironically a great number of our clients included solicitors! Things have moved on since those early days and the internet has dramatically increased the number of agents offering company formation services – which is interesting!. But the internet has given us the opportunity to increase our presence, to give our customers the ability to order Company Searches and soon, for the first time, to allow visitors to our web site to create online minutes.

Our Service

We take great pride in our work and customer care is an extremely important element of our business. Solicitors still use our services, not only for the incorporation of companies but also for corporate legal drafting. It is not uncommon to have several share re-structures in process!