Advantages of New Zealand Foreign Trust

    • New Zealand is a reputable OECD member country that has never been, and is never likely to be, on any taxation or money laundering "black list";
    • New Zealand is a mature financial centre with sophisticated banking, legal, accounting and technological infrastructure;
    • New Zealand has a tax treaty network that may, depending on the particular treaty, provide tax-planning opportunities for the foreign trust and its beneficiaries;
    • there is no requirement that the trust be governed by New Zealand law. This can provide enhanced structuring flexibility;
    • trust documents need not be filed. All that is required is the filing of a notice including the name and date of the trust and the name and contact details of the New Zealand trustee;
    • whilst modern OECD style record keeping is required of the New Zealand trustee, there is no annual audit or annual tax-filing requirement for the trust; and
    • New Zealand privacy laws provide significant protection for client and trust information. In the absence of a request from a treaty partner entitled to information the New Zealand revenue authorities are precluded from making disclosure of any information obtained by them.
    • NOTE: Where a trust has an Australian settlor the filing and disclosure rules are different to those set out above;