Inheritance Tax Mitigation

Historically Inheritance Tax Planning was seen as an arena for the rich and famous. This is no longer the case, as many individuals and families with a relatively moderate level of wealth are discovering. It is important that planning for the future is done now in order to ensure your estate is passed on to your family/children in the most efficient manner possible.

Every year approximately £4 Billion in Inheritance Tax is paid, most of this would not be necessary if more time was spent planning in the early stages as there are a considerable number of reliefs and exemptions within the Legislation to protect an estate. Good planning is simply taking advantage of these reliefs and exemptions.

So instead of working out what assets need to be sold to pay this tax protect your estate to enable as many of your assets as possible to be passed to your beneficiaries – assets that you have built up and paid taxes on during your lifetime.

Whether you are single or a couple with various property investments, a property investment company or even retired with personal investments take advantage of the reliefs and exemptions available and greatly reduce the amount of Inheritance Tax you need to pay.

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